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Joey Carofanello – Director of Programs and Operations

Joey Carofanello, the Director of Programs and Operations, is a dynamic and creative professional with a solutions-focused approach. Known for managing multiple projects, she excels as a strong communicator, relationship builder, and problem solver. With a 24-year journey as the self-employed owner of Fluid Ent. Pty Ltd, spanning Sonoma, California, and Adelaide, Australia, Joey demonstrates unwavering dedication and adaptability.

In her roles, she aligns her diverse experiences and compassionate spirit seamlessly with Family Dog Rescue’s mission, contributing significantly to the organization’s success in saving and rehoming dogs in need while embodying a commitment to professional excellence and community service.

Kellen McCallister (Shelter Manager)

Kellen McCallister serves as the Shelter Manager at Family Dog Rescue, overseeing the organization’s commitment to providing a loving and caring environment for both animals and humans. With a career rooted in animal care, Kellen began by rescuing surrendered reptiles, eventually merging operations with Lyon Ranch Therapy Animals, a licensed non-profit.

Lyon Ranch now houses a diverse array of exotic species under Kellen’s attentive care. His dedication lies in ensuring that every individual animal receives optimal care and treatment. Kellen expresses gratitude to the dedicated volunteers and staff whose unwavering support makes Family Dog Rescue possible.


Mary Ann McCullough (Adoption Manager)

Bringing over 30 years of professional experience in the retail industry, Mary Ann McCullough assumes the role of Adoption Manager at Family Dog Rescue. Her dynamic career includes managing flagship stores for William Sonoma and overseeing operations for a pet hotel company in Minnesota. Beyond her professional pursuits, Mary Ann has become a cornerstone of the pet-loving community in Sonoma through her work with Pet’s Lifeline. As a dedicated foster parent, she has opened her home to over 200 dogs. Mary Ann currently resides in Sonoma with her husband and three Chihuahuas, Shorty, Petey, and Jimmy G.


Joe Koller

With over 35 years of corporate Business Development and Marketing Executive experience, Joe Koller contributes his wealth of knowledge to Family Dog Rescue as a devoted Board Member. Beyond his professional endeavors, Joe engages in diverse interests, including winemaking, property management, and impact investing with Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures. His commitment to making a positive impact aligns seamlessly with the mission of Family Dog Rescue, where Joe plays a crucial role in saving dogs’ lives and finding them loving homes.


Jennifer Anadon

Jennifer Anadon brings over 20 years of HR expertise to Family Dog Rescue, having worked in various industries on both the East and West Coasts. Initially joining as a volunteer and foster over a decade ago, Jennifer now serves on the FDR Board of Directors, reflecting her enduring commitment to the organization. Residing in San Francisco with her adopted dog Murphy and two cats, Mele and Kali, Jennifer combines her professional acumen with a deep passion for animal welfare.

Carole Coplan

Carole Coplan leverages over twenty years of corporate law and business development experience as a devoted Board Member of Family Dog Rescue. Her journey to Sonoma began as a weekend retreat, eventually leading to her deep involvement in the community. Carole’s commitment extends to organic farming practices and the establishment of Coplan Vineyards, a boutique winery. With a menagerie of animals, including her rescue dog Skipper, Carole splits her time between Sonoma and Florida, also serving as a board member of the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.


Belinda Head

Originating from the UK and relocating to the Bay Area, Belinda Head combines her background in academics and dentistry with a strong passion for dog training. As a Board Member of Family Dog Rescue, Belinda advocates for responsible pet ownership. Residing in Sonoma with her partner Gail and their pack of shelter pups, Belinda’s dedication to the organization is evident in her commitment to ensuring foundational training for first-time pet owners.

Maddy Hogan

With over ten years of experience in operational and business process improvement, Maddy Hogan contributes her expertise to Family Dog Rescue as a Board Member. Originally from the Napa Valley, Maddy’s passion for the outdoors and her love for her adopted dog Beau drive her commitment to the organization. Beyond her professional pursuits, Maddy tends to her indoor tropical houseplant collection and operates a small ceramics business, Muds Ceramics.


Tyler Pedroncelli

Tyler Pedroncelli, a fitness enthusiast and wine country estate manager, brings her dedication to animal rescue to Family Dog Rescue as a Board Member. With a background in college athletics and personal training, Tyler’s commitment extends to fostering over 40 dogs and puppies for the organization. Proudly owning a family business, Pedroncelli Mobile Bottling, Tyler balances her diverse interests with a true love for animals.

Judi Ratto

Judi Ratto, a Bay Area native, has made Sonoma her forever home, aligning her passion for nature with her commitment to Family Dog Rescue as a Board Member. With a diverse background in business ownership, sports media, and tech, Judi brings a wealth of experience to the organization. As the owner of Della Terra Oils, she champions high-end, local, and organic extra virgin oils and Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Judi is not only a mentor for the Sonoma Mentoring Alliance but also a proud owner of a rescue yellow lab named Luca.


Claire Vitale

Claire Vitale, a local business owner running a recruiting business and co-working space in downtown Sonoma, is a dedicated Board Member at Family Dog Rescue. Alongside her husband, a member of CalFire, Claire opens her home to three rescue dogs and a cat.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Claire and her husband serve the local community as foster parents for children in need of temporary or permanent homes. Claire’s diverse experiences and compassionate spirit perfectly align with the mission of Family Dog Rescue. In her crucial role as a Board Member, she contributes significantly to the organization’s success in saving and rehoming dogs in need.

Angela Padilla- Founder & Board Member

Diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at 36, Angela, a corporate lawyer, faced the challenge with the motto “Fight Like Hell.” Volunteering at San Francisco’s shelter, she found healing in fostering rescue dogs.

After winning her battle, Angela founded Family Dog Rescue in 2010, aiming to provide a haven for dogs and impactful programs. Despite challenges, the organization, like its founder, remains unwavering, saving and nationally recognized for their work with disabled dogs. Her dedication was recognized publicly in 2016 when she won the Jefferson Award for Public Service. Angela’s resilience and compassion continue to inspire a community dedicated to the well-being of every dog in need.