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“So many different things about Family Dog Rescue impressed me, from the spacious and beautiful facility to the dedicated staff and volunteers. What impressed me the most is that they specialize in finding homes for dogs with various disabilities – dogs that are often deemed unadoptable because they are born deaf or blind, or have a missing leg.”-About a Mom (Rachael Ray Nutrish)

“Family Dog Rescue is based on the notion that families and dogs belong together. Not all families look the same, with many different mixes of adults, children and critters, but the idea at Family Dog Rescue is to find the dog that’s going to be the ideal fit with that family.” -DogTrekker

“Family Dog Rescue is dedicated to the proper care and socialization of rescued animals and to making a great connection between dogs and humans. It’s their special mission to select dogs that do well with children and adults to help ease the adoption transition for families with children.” -7×7 Favorite Charities 2014

“Deputy General Counsel Angela Padilla brought in a foster dog for adoption and noticed cross-department traffic increasing. The policy formalized three years later, and now there are 94 dogs registered to visit VMware.” -Fortune Magazine

“You can see the love Family Dog has for the dogs they rescue, in both these pics, with the wonderful folks at the Rescue.” -Mudville Mutts

“Family Dog Rescue goes above and beyond, saying yes to the dogs that need some extra help. Occasionally even flying dogs in from places like Guatemala & Mexico. They are known for taking dogs and puppies that are special needs (deaf, blind, or in need of major medical care) and take pride in prepping them to be a great dog for your family.” -Dapper Dog Press

“Family Dog Rescue may be a small organization, but they save over 800 dogs per year!” -iHeartDogs

“At the end of the day when she cuddles up next to me and gives me non-stop licks, I’m reminded that it’s all totally worth it. And when I’ve had a lousy day, she’s all ears (which is sometimes more than I can say for my fiance).” -Vegan Gumshoe

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