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Loup Garou Animal Rescue

Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Mieuli Jameson, LGR is dedicated to saving black and dark-coated animals that are disproportionately euthanized in public shelters. Jennifer tragically passed away in 2014, but through Family Dog Rescue, her passion for saving the lives of black dogs and cats continues to live on.

Teen Internship

This unique summer internship allows dog-loving, dedicated teens (ages 14-17) to become an integral part of our shelter. From shelter maintenance and dog walking to training classes, adoption events and more, our interns learn about the proper care and treatment of dogs, shelter operations and even get leadership experience by helping guide and mentor our high school volunteer groups. Applications open in spring!

Spay Neuter Program

When Angela Padilla started Family Dog Rescue, she saw a need for a more proactive and collaborative approach to educating adopters and the community about the health and humane treatment of companion animals. This was particularly urgent in areas where large numbers of stray dogs were being rescued by the organization. In response, Family Dog Rescue has been testing the concept of mobile community clinics that offer spay-neuter services and owner education. We hope to raise more money in the coming year to run our pilot program to help address the root causes of animal homelessness; including reducing unnecessary breeding and increasing owner education and resources.


Twice a week, we have 3-6 differently abled adults coming in to the shelter to volunteer. This group of amazing volunteers help with cleaning, dishes, laundry, grooming, as well as giving TLC and walks for our dogs.

FDR International

Family Dog Rescue’s founder, Angela, has a soft spot for the street dogs of her children’s birthplace and beyond. When possible, we do our part for the dogs of the world by working with local partners to rescue dogs in desperate need of medical care from the streets of Guatemala, Mexico, Korea, Burma and other countries where animal shelters and vet care are scarce.

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