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Hi!  I'm Lennon.  I traveled all the way from Mexico to meet my forever family!  I had a family before who sadly gave me up, but a nice lady rescued me before my Family Dog Rescue family took me in.  I could not be more grateful and show my gratitude with snuggles and kisses.  Some would say I'm a total lovebug!  A few of my favorite activities are snuggling up with my humans, receiving belly rubs, and playing with my chew toys and other dogs.  I looooove other dogs, and I'm even gentle with kids of all ages.  I also like people that give me treats.  Lots of treats.    What else do I love?  I love napping through your Zoom meetings and snuggling on the couch.  I'll follow you around wherever you go in our home, but I'll also pop right down on my doggy bed or on your lap when you want to watch a movie.  Hmmm... What else?  I love walks and adventures.  In my forever home, I'd love if you took me for a run or to the dog park on a daily basis.  Car rides are great, too!  Just be sure to strap in me b/c otherwise, I'm driving!    One other thing you should know about me is that I'd do best in a home that's had prior dog experience and a fenced-in yard in a quieter neighborhood.  San Francisco and other urban environments are a bit overwhelming to me!  I need your patience, love, and consistent training to learn how to respond better to buses, trucks, bikes/motorcycles, and strangers in tight spaces or with helmets and hoodies.  Right now, I bark at them to act like a tough guy and not show how scared I am.  It helps when I walk right beside you and you tell me to sit, lay, or shake hands since it distracts me.  As I mentioned, treats help as well!  Although I gotta admit, sometimes I'm a bit too distracted!  Also, sometimes I can get a little excited indoors and bark to get your attention and play.  If you ignore me, I get the message and quiet down.  So like I said, please be patient with me.  I'm really smart and know I can improve with your help.   If you think we could be a great match and new best friends, fill out an application for me today!   I'll wake you up every morning with a wagging tail and kisses if you do.  :)

SIZE:49.0 lbs
BIRTHDAY: 12/12/2019
AGE: 1 year(s), 9 month(s)